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    Here you can bring your warriors dreams to life! Weather you want to hunt with ThunderClan, run with WindClan, swim with RiverClan, or stalk prey with Shadowclan, the Warrior Club Cats staff is here to make sure you have the best role-playing time ever!

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Get to know the other members here!^_^

Talk about anything you would like! (Doesn't have to be warriors related, for roleplay go to one of the clan pages)

~OUR Warrior Code~

Please take some time to review our rules, as they help make your R-Playing experience as fun and safe possible!


1)Please try to keep posts in the role-play forums WARRIORS RELATED. We have specific chat rooms for off topic discussions.

2) You may choose any member (a warrior) that does not already have an apprentice to be your mentor (with their agreement, of course)

3) Your mentor chooses when you become an apprentice and your leader chooses when you become a warrior.

4) Please no cyberbullying.

5) Do not use bad language.

6) No inappropriate comments or detailed mating.

7) Do not hack other members accounts.

8) Do not upload inappropriate pictures or videos.

9) You can not have more than one mate at a time.

10) No spamming.

11) No threatening or harassing anyone.

12) you can only have up to three accounts (you must use all of them the same amount)

13) Medicine cats cannot have mates.

12) Stay loyal to your clan.

13) Do not break the full moon truce at the gathering.

14) Obey your leader without question.


~Contact Us~

We are proud to announce that we have an official WCC email!! Please email us if you have any questions. You can also contact any of the staff individually.

To contact Icestar (Site Owner):


YouTube Account: Pulitzerpro

DeviantART: SquishyIshMINE

Instagram &Fanfiction: Thehumblehobbit

Tumblr: Outsidethebachs

To contact Moonstar (Site Administrator):

DeviantART: Toxickittysaurus

To contact Lightfeather (Site Moderator):

DeviantART: Lightfeathy555

To contact Cinderpelt (the site Editor):

Tumblr & Fanfiction: Cinder-the-mockingjay

She will give you her email if you are a friend.




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